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A Conversation With a Friend and the Spirit of Hope

HugsA good friend and past client called me the other day and in the course of conversation he began talking about the good ol days. Of how he wished he was living back in his little house with the little yard and the little mortgage and the little life. He went on to say that here he was 'Middle America' and all of a sudden opportunities opened up that made it possible for him to have more. More house, more toys, more vacations, more bling. And when those opportunities opened up he no longer felt like he was 'Middle America' but instead was something more. He walked taller, he held his head higher and he felt as if he had 'made it', whatever that 'it' may have been in his mind. He said he had hope for a better future.  

But now he says he has no hope. He is sad because he realizes he never really was something more. Instead he says, he is still that 'Middle America' electrician who is working just as hard as always but now finds himself struggling to pay his bills, pay his mortgage and put food on the table. His hope has left he says and everyone he talks to feels the same way. Hope and happiness are not a part of conversations anymore. Instead hugs are needed as everyone struggles to make sense of a life changed. 

Yes I, like my client, miss the good ol days even though I know the good ol days are the bane of my exasperation and very existance today. But what I miss about the good ol days the most is the spirit. The spirit of hope and spirit of happiness. I miss the Buyers and Sellers and agents and lenders and everyone in between that, even though we were working hard in a tough market, the spirit of the time made it feel as if it really was not work at all. Everyone was happy, content, secure. The news media spoke good thoughts, people thought good thoughts, life was good, there was hope.

Today's market is so totally the opposite. Yes it is still tough but its the mood that has changed the most. The media is spewing one bad news report upon another, everyone is afraid, scared, hiding from what may happen if they were to venture out and live. Hope has left the spirit of our very souls as we each try to comprehend the struggles we face today, tomorrow and the next day.

Spirit of HopeThere are probably many more out there just like my friend.  Many more who felt they too had an opportunity to feel hope, to experience contentment, to feel yes they too had made it in a life that does not always give the ordinary "Middle America" person the opportunity to feel that way. Many more who have now lost their hope.

So how do I, do we, bring the spirit of hope back? Maybe we do so by living each day with our own spirit of hope within ourselves. And by doing so 'hope' we each touch enough lives that our spirit rubs off.

I touched one the other day. And though he is still not happy, he does feel hope. He told me so.  





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